Pictures Are Worth Thousands of Words


I'm excited to share with you this guest post by Dean Dauphinais who has a compelling blog, My Life As 3D, where he shares his journey as the father of a son in long-term recovery from addiction. "A picture's worth a thousand words." We've all heard that saying. The idea behind it is that a single image can convey a story just as well as a whole bunch of words, either … [Read more...]

You May Have Been Given A Cactus, But You Don’t Have To Sit On It

series of potted cactus for sale at the market of florists

In the past even though I did my very best to try to steer clear of anything I thought could possibly lead to pain or discomfort, it always had a way of finding me. When I was teenager, my parents divorce rocked my world, and as a 19-year old college freshman, I was raped. In my early 30s, my brother died of AIDs, and later in the decade my 18-year marriage fell apart - or … [Read more...]

Breaking The Cycle Of Stress

Stress Inscription on Warning Road Sign.

To experience absolutely no stress, you would have to be dead. Seriously. Stress is your body's natural and necessary physical reaction to changes in its environment or circumstances where your brain perceives a response is required for your protection. When stressed, your heart beats faster, your pupils dilate, your muscles tense, your breathing increases, more blood is … [Read more...]

Taking The Shame Out Of Depression and Suicide


The Internet was buzzing after the "The Imitation Game" writer Graham Moore's Oscars acceptance speech. After gushing thanks to his list, he revealed that he had attempted suicide at 16 years old: Suicide is a subject very near and dear to my heart. This emotionally charged topic affects many people around the world even if its not talked about openly. According to the … [Read more...]

My Depression Is Not Your Depression


On the Best Brain Possible Facebook page, I've learned from experience to be very choosy about any posts on depression because people can get really passionate and colorfully expressive about their depression.  Many have strong opinions about whether the condition is based in biology, thinking, or lifestyle. Whenever I post an article about antidepressants, I find out real … [Read more...]