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The Best Brain Possible With Debbie Hampton

Information and Inspiration For Anyone With a Brain


Are You Unknowingly Contributing To Your Brain’s Decline?

At around the age of 60, your brain slowly begins to shrink in volume. The cerebral cortex, responsible for most of your higher level brain function, is most affected. Many parts of the brain which support mental operation and bodily movement experience reductions. Your brain’s white matter decreases. The greatest changes take place in the areas[...]

6 Habits To Help You Outsmart Alzheimer’s

In the US today, about a staggering 5.3 million people have Alzheimer’s disease, and that figure is expected to triple by the year 2050, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Yikes! Just to clarify, Alzheimer’s is a progressive, degenerative disorder in which plaque and tangles form in the brain, and brain cells become damaged, resulting in[...]

How Exercise Helps Your Brain

Maybe you already exercise to trim your tummy, keep your weight in check, or ward off the major killers. Good for you! But did you know that moving your body is also about the best thing you can do for your brain? While the benefits of a workout have been well-known for below-the-neck for a long[...]

Your Brain’s Future: The Good And Bad News

Your brain can be your best friend or your worst enemy. With over five million Americans age 65 and older currently living with Alzheimer’s and that number is projected to triple by 2050 according to the Alzheimer’s Association, brain health is a top concern for many, especially baby boomers which would include me.  An “Alzheimer’s[...]

Descent Into Dementia

In the book, Turn of Mind, Alice Laplante tells the compelling story of a Dr. Jennifer White, a retired orthopedic surgeon, as she gradually disappears into the fog of dementia.  Dr. White’s neighbor and best friend is found murdered with four fingers surgically removed, and Dr. White is the prime suspect.  However, even she does[...]

An Apple A Day Has Brain Benefits

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than biting into a crisp, slightly tart, slightly sweet apple and having that dribble of apple juice run down your chin.  It makes my mouth water just describing it. I like my apples and eat one almost every day. Recently, I posted on Facebook that I had just had the best[...]