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The Best Brain Possible With Debbie Hampton

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How to Optimize Your Mitochondria for A Healthier Brain

This is a guest post by Jordan Fallis of OptimalLivingDynamics.com. My brain totally broke in 2010 and I felt like I had developed ADHD, depression, and dementia all at once. By scouring the scientific literature, interviewing and consulting with doctors and researchers, and experimenting with my own body and mind, I finally came to understand that[...]

How Dehydration Contributes To Depression

Dehydration and depression are linked in several ways. In fact, one of the symptoms of chronic dehydration can be depression. Because depression is a multi-faceted condition with several causes, involving multiple parts of your body, it would be an overstatement to say that all depression is affected by dehydration. However, in many cases, dehydration could[...]

6 Common Substances That Could Be Contributing To Your Depression

Plenty of studies have determined that your diet directly affects mental health, depression and anxiety specifically, by impacting the bacteria in your gut and how they contribute to inflammation in your body. Gut bacteria are gatekeepers which sound the alarm by sending inflammatory messages to your body and brain. What goes into your body has everything[...]

Brain Healthy Tips From The Cat

It occurred to me the other day, that my cats demonstrate impeccable brain health etiquette. Well, not so much the laying around all day, every day part. OK. Let’s suffice to say that the cats collectively exhibit some behaviors that are indicative of good brain health, some of the time. In any event, they always[...]

Take Care Of Your Brain, And It Will Take Care Of You

Your brain health impacts everything you do – every thought, word, action, behavior, and feeling – literally everything.  Most of us know less about the command center in our heads, with its amazing abilities surpassing the most sophisticated computer, than we do our smartphones. Because your brain effects all aspects of your life from health[...]

Fat Is Your Brain’s Friend

We’ve been given all kinds of conflicting information about what we’re supposed to eat as part of a healthy diet.  We’ve been told that low fat, low cholesterol was the way to go, and butter and eggs we’re taken off of the table while artificial sweeteners, fat substitutes, and margarine gained popularity. Looking for any[...]