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Chris Hampton

The Top Best Brain Posts Of 2016

Serotonin’s Role in Depression (and how to make more) Serotonin is a neurochemical that does so many different things in your body that it’s really tough to nail down its function precisely. Your brain’s prefrontal cortex, which primarily controls your personality and executive functioning, relies heavily on serotonin. Many studies have found higher levels of[...]

How I Get Through The Holiday Season (When It’s Filled With Painful Memories)

When I start to see the red bows, wreaths, and the twinkly lights going up on houses, which happens earlier every year, I begin feeling this gnawing dread and heaviness in my heart. It’s not just that I abhor all the unhealthy eating, consumerism, and waste that the holiday season brings. It’s that these sights[...]

The Love You Seek Is The Same Love You Need To Extend To Yourself

In 1995, on New Year’s eve, at a hospital in the ritzy Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia, my brother, Chris Hampton, with the wicked sense of humor, impeccable taste, and ability to make me believe he was invincible, drew his last, raspy breath succumbing to AIDs at the age of 31. Being only 10 months[...]

Are You Torturing Yourself With Your Thoughts?

In 1995, on December 31st, at 7:56 pm my older brother by 10 months and best friend in the world, Chris Hampton, took his last breath, at the age of 33.  My mother, father, and other brother were all at his hospital bedside that New Year’s Eve night. Death didn’t happen quickly and it was not a particularly peaceful experience to me.  I[...]

Love ya. Mean it. Miss ya already.

Today is my brother’s birthday, Chris. He died in 1995 of AIDS at the age of 33. Yes, he was gay… and fun, and hilarious and lived at full speed while he was here. Born just ten months before me, he was my pain-in-the-butt older brother and best friend in the world. The below was written[...]