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The Best Brain Possible With Debbie Hampton

Information and Inspiration For Anyone With a Brain


Why Your Brain Loves To Laugh

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? We all do and for good reason. There aren’t too many other things that you can do that feel good and are good for you at the same time. Laughing is not just a fun way to kill time. It has neuropsychological benefits, including improving your mood, exercising your[...]

How To Calm Your Wired-To-Worry Brain

Worrying has become the norm these days. We worry about paying the bills. We nervously read up on and monitor our health. We fret about our kids getting into college. And when they do, we worry about them finding a good job after graduating. There’s an endless supply of material for mind sweat. According to The[...]

It May Not Look Anything Like The Life You Planned, But It Can Still Be Good

For my first three decades on this Earth, life went pretty much according to plan. As I achieved major milestones, I smugly checked things off the “how-life-should-be” list in my head. After attending college together, my high school sweetheart and I married and drove half-way across the U.S. with all of our possessions in an 18-foot[...]

How to Use Positive Memories to Increase Positive Emotions

Memories are powerful. Far from being the passive remnants of our history, our memories actively shape our experiences, our relationships and our life stories that we are yet to create. Now, exciting new research has found that our positive memories can also be used to increase positive emotions. We are wired to remember the things[...]

How A Bad Mood Can Be Good For You (and how to get over it)

Not all good moods are good for you. Seriously. There are actually circumstances under which happiness can be unhealthy.  Similarly, bad moods aren’t all bad. Being a grump for no good reason — and with good reason — happens to all of us. It’s a normal part of being human. The internet is full of[...]

Your Weakness Is The Key To Your Strength

For more than a decade, I took an antidepressant, went to weekly therapy sessions on and off for stretches at a time, spilled my guts, and listened to the counselors’ words with the best of intentions. Doesn’t that count for something? I wanted to change. I knew I had to change. I knew something had to[...]