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The Best Brain Possible With Debbie Hampton

Information and Inspiration For Anyone With a Brain


Better Brain, Better Life

If you stop to think about it, your brain is involved at some point in absolutely every thing you do.  Every breath and heart beat.  Every smile and tear.   Every word and thought. Then, it would stand to reason that a better brain equals a better life. Your brain running smoothly is probably something[...]

Quick Tips For A Better Brain

You may think that bettering your brain requires conquering the New York Times’ crossword puzzle regularly, allocating hours to online brain training, or learning how to play the piano.  While these activities are great for bettering and maintaining brain performance, you can improve clarity, memory, balance, and focus instantly with simple activities that easily pass[...]

Memory Musts

Having sustained a serious a brain injury, I’ve learned to incorporate memory tools into my life every day.  While my short-term memory has drastically improved from being nonexistent right after the injury, I still rely on memory tools to make life easier. Memory challenges can be experienced by anyone due to anxiety and stress, age-related[...]

What’s In Your Mental Health Tool Box?

Being a single woman and home owner, I used to take pride in being able to do things myself – or trying to anyway. At my request, I was given a tool box as a gift with a thousand different dohickys, thingamajigs, and assorted tools I’ve never used. I would try almost any do-it-yourself project[...]

Beauty Begins in the Brain (Part Two)

In the search for the magic lotion or potion that will make us more beautiful, I’m here to tell you that the answer lies inside your head.  That’s right –  your brain is the key to improving every facet of your life….Your brain is your essence, and it is the essence of your beauty.  By[...]

Exercise: The Fountain Of Youth For Your Brain and Body

I am convinced and research is showing that physical exercise is the number one, absolute best thing a person can do for their brain and body. While the many benefits of a workout are well-known for the rest of body, the incredible advantages for the brain are not common knowledge. So much evidence is accumulating that[...]