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The Best Brain Possible With Debbie Hampton

Information and Inspiration For Anyone With a Brain


7 Ways Science Says You Can Get A Happier Brain in 2017

To ensure survival, your ancestors’ brains developed a prickly awareness: always on the lookout for danger, zooming in on any potential threat, being super sensitive to painful experiences and burning them into memory, and reacting quickly physically without thinking first. Having this kind of reactive brain did a very good job helping humans evolve. However, these[...]

8 Things Hitting Rock Bottom Taught Me

After taking care of my brother as he wasted away and died from AIDs, the end of my 18 year marriage to my high school sweetheart in an ugly parting that made Divorce Court look civil, and years of wrong turns, things not working out, and being flat-out disappointed with life, I tried to kill myself[...]

Where’s The Thanks In Thanksgiving?

Although I rarely read magazines of any kind, I was gifted a subscription to one.  Because it had landed on the top of the stack of reading material on the kitchen table, I flipped through it as I slurped my spaghetti squash, spinach, mushroom, zucchini, and tomato sauce (made from prime specimens out of my[...]

Nothing To Hold On To

There’s an anonymous saying that, in order to live the life that is waiting for you, you have to let go of the life you have. In 2007, when I swallowed handful after handful of pills and tried to commit suicide, my life, as I knew it, ceased to exist from that moment on. OK.[...]