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The Best Brain Possible With Debbie Hampton

Information and Inspiration For Anyone With a Brain

Hardwiring Happiness

How To Change Your Brain From Reactive To Responsive

Homo sapiens emerged about 200,000 years ago living in small hunting-and-gathering communities. Because they rarely ran into other bands of people and it was often dangerous when they did, their brains learned to be anxious when encountering unfamiliar faces. They had to deal with the hardships of starvation, parasites, sickness, injury, predators, harsh environmental elements[...]

The Best Brain Advice From The Brain Experts

I asked a group of some the most knowledgeable leaders in the brain fitness movement — I mean these guys are at the forefront of educating us on brain health and using our brains to achieve wellness and happiness — what their #1 advice would be to someone about taking care of their brain. You[...]

The Law Of Little Things

In order to survive, our ancestors’ brains were wired to notice and remember the bad while ignoring the good. Recalling a near miss or deadly predator’s territory was much more likely to pass on the genes than remembering a nice nap in the sunshine. Although this negativity bias developed for an important reason, it leaves[...]