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The Best Brain Possible With Debbie Hampton

Information and Inspiration For Anyone With a Brain


The Lies Of The Past

Reminisce. We all do it. In remembering that relaxing vacation to beach, the exhilaration of a passionate, tingly romance, or the wonder of being a new parent, memories become can become romanticized and better than the actual experiences. Conversely, you can remember a fight with friend, the end of a relationship, or an impossible project[...]

Are Smart Drugs Smart?

The film, Limitless, portrays the story of a disheveled, unmotivated writer who takes an experimental, wonder pill which allows him to boost his brain power to have laser beam focus, amazing memory, awareness, and problem solving skills.  Meteoric career and financial success soon follow as well as a much better wardrobe and decorating style.  During the[...]

Bad News Travels Fast (in your brain)

In the song “Sun Comes Up It’s Tuesday Morning” The Cowboy Junkies sing “Everybody knows good news always sleeps ’til noon.” It’s not near as much fun to spread good news, now is it? You don’t usually pick up the phone because you just have to call someone right that minute and tell them what[...]

Brain Food For Better Memory

Improving your memory is about making sure to use your brain, and the foods you eat can go a long way in helping your brain work its best for you. There are many different foods out there that can boost your cognitive ability, and just as many foods (and beverages) that you should avoid if[...]