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The Best Brain Possible With Debbie Hampton

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How To Calm Your Wired-To-Worry Brain

Worrying has become the norm these days. We worry about paying the bills. We nervously read up on and monitor our health. We fret about our kids getting into college. And when they do, we worry about them finding a good job after graduating. There’s an endless supply of material for mind sweat. According to The[...]

How To Heal The Brain After Trauma

Trauma is all too common these days, unfortunately. Child abuse. Rape. Combat. Violence. Car accidents. Life. Traumatic events can actually alter the structure and function of people’s brains resulting in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). When remembering the trauma, often in vivid flashbacks, or reacting to everyday stressors in life, the brain of a person[...]

Six Ways To Instantly Calm Your Brain and Body

The human being is the only animal known to cause itself suffering with its own thoughts. And it doesn’t end there. Then, we suffer because we suffer when getting upset about being treated unfairly, mad about having an illness, or sad about going to bed sad yet another day.  The crazy thing is that this[...]

How To Calm Your Brain And Body

When we feel physical discomfort, it’s a signal to our bodies to take action, like when you touch a hot stove and quickly pull your hand back. While an immediate reaction to emotional discomfort may not be as visible, it is registered by the body as well. Some mental discomfort is inevitable because we evolved[...]