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The Best Brain Possible With Debbie Hampton

Information and Inspiration For Anyone With a Brain

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How To Calm Your Wired-To-Worry Brain

Worrying has become the norm these days. We worry about paying the bills. We nervously read up on and monitor our health. We fret about our kids getting into college. And when they do, we worry about them finding a good job after graduating. There’s an endless supply of material for mind sweat. According to The[...]

Three Easy Ways To Calm Your Mind And Improve Your Brain

It seems like everywhere you turn these days someone is singing the praises of meditation, including me. Science has only fairly recently been able to validate the amazing benefits of this ancient practice with technology. The positive neurological and psychological effects of meditation are numerous. Meditation Helps Preserve An Aging Brain – One study found that long-term[...]

Why You Need To Give Your Brain A Break

Stress is the new norm. With the growth of the infinite internet, 500 channel 24-hour television, and mobile phones that are really little computers, you are now bombarded with five times as much information every day as a person received in 1986. According to Welcome to the information age: Every day the average person produces[...]

How To Make Friends With Your Mind

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. The thoughts in your head can give you the stuff you need to go after and be successful in the profession of your dreams, maintain loving, healthy relationships, and be pretty happy and optimistic on most days when slogging through muck and mire of[...]

Why Your Eyes Look Up And Your Tongue Tenses When You Think

When thinking, you often just naturally roll your eyes up and your tongue tenses in your mouth. Ever wonder why you do these things?  There are real physical reasons for both. Go Ahead…Roll Your Eyes Rolling your eyes up is an automatic response the body makes when trying to access lost or hidden information because[...]

We Are Our Choices

Everything in your life is a reflection of the thoughts you think, the choices you make, your actions and your words.  Those seemingly insignificant, small, in-the-moment, decisions that you make every day, all day about how you spend your time, the company you keep, what you put into your mouth, and what comes out of[...]