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The Best Brain Possible With Debbie Hampton

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How Yoga Eases Depression and Stress

I have a confession to make. I’m a “yogaholic.” I’m literally addicted to yoga. If I go too long in between classes, which is like three whole days for me, my mind and body crave it. After class, when one of us leaves our water bottle in the dressing room or flubs our words, we[...]

How To Manage Anxiety with Mindfulness

This is a guest post by Paige Burkes of Simple Mindfulness. The mere thought of a stressful event sends your heart racing.  Your boss wants to “speak with you.”  You had an argument with your partner.  Your kids are running into trouble.  Your financial situation is less than ideal. The monkey mind in your head[...]

What Depression Looks Like In Your Brain

Fundamentally, a depressed brain looks just like any other brain. In fact, there’s no brain scan, MRI, EEG or any other medical test that can definitively diagnose depression, and it’s not understood in detail like other brain disorders. While we know the neurochemicals involved and many contributing factors, the truth is we really don’t know[...]

Breaking Bad Habits In Your Brain

Habits are those routine things you do when you’re not thinking which might seem to have very little to do with your brain. But it’s because habits are etched into your brain that you don’t have to actively think about them – which also makes them very hard to change. To break bad habits, you[...]

Breaking The Cycle Of Stress

To experience absolutely no stress, you would have to be dead. Seriously. Stress is your body’s natural and necessary physical reaction to changes in its environment or circumstances where your brain perceives a response is required for your protection. When stressed, your heart beats faster, your pupils dilate, your muscles tense, your breathing increases, more[...]

Hooked and Hijacked

We all have done it at one time or another.  I have done it many more times than I care to admit.  I am talking about letting yourself get emotionally hijacked.  Out of the blue, someone makes a callous comment that just gets under your skin and will not get out of your head or[...]