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The Best Brain Possible With Debbie Hampton

Information and Inspiration For Anyone With a Brain


How Your Neurons Make You A Nervous Wreck (and how to rewire them)

For far too many people, being anxious, nervous, and worried, has become a way of life. It’s just the norm. Anxiety disorders are chronic, disabling conditions that are seen across the world in epidemic proportions. Globally, anxiety disorders were the sixth leading cause of disability in 2010. According to the National Institute of Mental Health,[...]

Want To Know The Answer To The Brain Training Debate?

Brain training involves spending time regularly completing computer exercises designed to work and improve all kinds of cognitive abilities, like memory, verbal reasoning, concentration, spatial awareness, and processing speed. The programs might have you matching pictures from memory, unscrambling word puzzles, trying to identify images quickly flashed on the screen, or linking visual symbols to[...]

How To Easily Get A Better Brain Today

With over 28 million baby boomers projected to develop Alzheimer’s by 2050 and no cure in sight, prevention is the best bet to keep your brain healthy and functioning as long as you need it to. What you put in your mouth, how you handle pressure at work, what you do in you in your[...]

How Talking Tames Depression

When you’ve got a leaky kitchen sink , you call a plumber. When your car’s brakes start making an awful screeching noise, you take it to a mechanic. For almost any job requiring a specialized skill, there’s a professional trained to help. You could try to handle the leaky pipe or car repair on your[...]

Pictures Are Worth Thousands of Words

I’m excited to share with you this guest post by Dean Dauphinais who has a compelling blog, My Life As 3D, where he shares his journey as the father of a son in long-term recovery from addiction. “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” We’ve all heard that saying. The idea behind it is that a single image[...]

How Your Brain Creates Your Reality

At the most basic level, your world is constructed by your brain. Making sense of the world and its happenings is nothing more than our individual brains’ interpretation of the signals it receives as we go about our days interacting with our environments. Color is nothing more than cone cells in your retina being stimulated[...]