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The Best Brain Possible With Debbie Hampton

Information and Inspiration For Anyone With a Brain

10 Things You Need To Know About Suicide From A Survivor

I’ve attempted suicide three times. The first time I was a junior in high school. After a break up with my boyfriend, which was huge in my teenage world, I swallowed a bottle of aspirin, had my stomach pumped in the ER, and cheered at a football game later that night. Fast forward two decades.[...]

A Depressed Brain Lives In A Hostile World

Your brain has a natural negativity bias which means it constantly looks for and holds onto anything it considers a danger or loss much more than something pleasant or neutral. There’s a good reason for this. Your ancestors were much more likely to pass on their genes by remembering a deadly predator’s territory than a[...]

How To Easily Get A Better Brain Today

With over 28 million baby boomers projected to develop Alzheimer’s by 2050 and no cure in sight, prevention is the best bet to keep your brain healthy and functioning as long as you need it to. What you put in your mouth, how you handle pressure at work, what you do in you in your[...]

Skimping On Sleep Can Make You Sick, Fat, And Stupid

Every aspect of your life is affected by sleep – or lack of it, from looking and feeling your best to your having a healthy romatic relationship to meeting your goals at work. But in today’s fast paced, multi-media, mega-worry world, it’s hard to get enough shut-eye with all the to-dos on our lists everyday.[...]

8 Things Hitting Rock Bottom Taught Me

After taking care of my brother as he wasted away and died from AIDs, the end of my 18 year marriage to my high school sweetheart in an ugly parting that made Divorce Court look civil, and years of wrong turns, things not working out, and being flat-out disappointed with life, I tried to kill myself[...]

6 Depression Treatments You Might Not Know About

Depression looks different in every person with unique causes, symptoms, and manifestations in that person’s brain and life. (See: My Depression Is Not Your Depression) For some people, breaking a sweat, making dietary changes, practicing meditation regularly, or writing in a gratitude journal helps lift the dark cloud. For others, talking with a therapist or[...]

The Link Between Sleep And Depression

Every aspect of your life is impacted by sleep, from your appearance and health to relationships to success at work, but it hits your brain the hardest. Your brain’s entire electrical and chemical systems are influenced by your sleep – or lack of it. Unfortunately in today’s hurried, get-more-done, worried world, poor sleep and sleep[...]

How To Find Your Happy Place

We all have down days and tough times and sometimes get stuck in a funk we just can’t seem to shake. For many people, this can become an all too familiar existence leading to depression. Unfortunately, there’s no one big solution for depression, however there are many simple practices which you can utilize to alter brain[...]

Using Your Body To Change Your Brain

You know that your brain controls your body, but did you also know that your body controls your brain? It’s a feedback loop that works both ways. The activity in your brain changes every second based on what your body is doing – a process called biofeedback. You may have heard of and thought that[...]