Beyond The Brain

10888953946_35708858ca_zIt used to be believed that consciousness was the byproduct of the physical brain, and that we all shared a constant, stable reality.

However, quantum physics is turning many of the old beliefs upside down.  Studies have shown irrefutably that what we think of as solid objects are actually comprised of tiny particles of matter that are really waves of potential representing different possible outcomes which, only when observed, collapse into a single perceived result to be seen again as a particles.  Hence, what is observed, the physical world, reality, is dependent upon and intricately connected to the observer.  (See blog:  In Two Places At Once)

According to Deepak Chopra’s video, The Rabbit Hole – What Is Consciousness?:

The physical world, as we see it, is not reality.  The true nature of reality is pure potential, infinite possibilities, infinite creativity.  This true reality has no beginning and no end.  It does not exist in time and space.  Time and space exist within it.  And this, we call consciousness. [Read more…]